Create your first host

In the world of openITCOCKPIT a "Host" is the basic device itself for the most of the time. Usually openITCOCKPIT will use an ICMP check to monitor your host. Every host can provide different services, like Email, DHCP, DNS, web servers, load balancers etc... To get an useful monitoring you need to create "Services". Due to the fact that openITCOCKPIT uses Nagios or Naemon in the background, there are thousands of free plugins available, you can use to monitor your business critical services and infrastructure.

Host- and service templates

In openITCOCKPIT you can create an host- and service template to set predefined values whenever you create a new host or service. In this templates you can define options like "Host- or Service groups", "Contacts", "Notification options" and so on.

openITCOCKPIT comes with a predefined set of templates you can use.

Create your first host - seriously now :)

In this example we will monitor an Ubuntu Focal linux system, which runs Nginx, PHP-FPM and MySQL.

How ever, to create your first host, please navigate to Hosts and press on + New

openITCOCKPIT will ask you a few basic questions about your host, like the name, the ip address or FQDN, which contacts should be notified in case of an error and so on.

To keep things as easy as possible, we select the target container /root so the new created host will be visible for all users at the system. Also we select the host template "default host" to load all predefined values from the template. Due to the host template, we just need to enter a host name and the ip address.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the on the right side of the Create host button and select Save and create service.

With this little shortcut we can directly continue and create the first service on the new host.

Select the "Ping" service template and press on Create service.

The new created service will now be shown in the list, because it was only created, but not "exported" to the monitoring engine.

Refresh the monitoring configuration

Whenever you created a new object, which relates to the monitoring engine, like Hosts, Services, Contacts, Contact groups, etc, a "Refresh of the monitoring configuration" is required.

You find this option in the top right corner:

openITCOCKPIT will generate all configuration files for you, validates the new configuration and reload the monitoring engine in the background. Press Launch refresh to apply the new configuration.

After a few seconds, the system will pick up your new host and service, and will start to monitoring them.

Sending a Ping request to an host is great, but not really an monitoring at all. So in the next step, we are going to add some basic health checks to the system.